Artificial Music Machine

Artificial Music Machine is an independent record label in Austin, TX.  According to their Myspace page, “artificial music machine showcases innovation across varying genres of music, at the boundary between the electronic and the organic, between the artificial and the human.”  Innovative might be an understatement. How do people differentiate from one record label to the next?  It seems like there are an endless amount of indie labels out there.  The popularity of electronic, innovative music is growing.  More and more people are broadening their definition of what music is.  I used to define music very narrowly: instruments and/or singing.  However, it’s much more than that, and new ways of creating music are emerging all the time.

One band from Artificial Music Machine that really caught my eye is Furby Youth Choir.  “Choir is a small army of modified Furbys which together produce a surreal and stochastic cacophony of tones, buzzes, squeals, and glitched-out demented laughter.”  You have to see it to believe it.  Maybe it isn’t the most melodious thing you’ve ever heard, but it is definitely creative and interesting.  I love seeing people create music through unexpected mediums.  Go to 6:11 to see Furby Youth Choir perform.

Refurbished from John Moore on Vimeo.

More and more music fans are craving “weird” music.  By weird I mean unconventional and creative; something they’ve never seen before.  Artificial Music Machine is just one label that is feeding off this evolving trend.  Although it is still underground, and might remain underground, it seems to have a solid and growing fan base.


One Response to “Artificial Music Machine”

  1. The cool thing is that this isn’t really a new trend. People have been augmenting and crafting equipment to create music like this for decades. Pioneers like Steve Reich and Brian Eno experimented with tape feedback loops and generative music way back in the 70s and 80s, for example.

    Newer artists like Aphex Twin, Cornelius, and Apparat are using experimental techniques in the field of electronic music as well, but for different genres, ranging from IDM to Shibuya-kei to indielectronica and dance.

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